How to make this Diwali a special one with your family?

by Oct 2, 2018blog

India is home to numerous celebrations. Every aspect and colour of life is significant for the Indian way of life. Hence we end up celebrating each festival in the country as an occasion. In today’s world, when we are running the desperate run of ambition, celebrations bring is in that much- needed break and relief that rejuvenates life. Once such celebration, that signifies the triumph of good over evil in life, is Diwali. In the essence of its virtues and the hues, Diwali is significant in many ways. Known as the festival of lights for the rest of the world, Diwali ushers in a rush of happiness. Its connotation with the Goddess of wealth and prosperity gives Diwali its actual significance. Revered in her divine form, she is the force that blesses one and all with material wealth. Interestingly Lakshmi is the sister of Goddess of wisdom, Sarasawati. Since sisters always follow each other, it is said that Lakshmi always follows Saraswati. The analogy drawn here is that knowledge is always followed by prosperity. In today’s context, skill set matters. In a way, skill, which is always a derivation of knowledge, is valued more and hence is always rewarded with better compensation.

Make a gift of mythology to the next generation:

Make this Diwali a special one for your family. Hand down to the next generation, the mythological stories about Diwali, as a gift. Inculcating a sense of cultural pride is important for the next generation to find their roots. Lakshmi Puja signifies the birth of Goddess Lakshmi. The story goes back to the ancient era when Earth, was inhabited by the Gods and the Asuras. Both of these forces were mortal. Both seek immortality or Amarrattva. The way out was to churn the milky ocean. To churn the ocean, both the Gods and the Asura’s requested mount Mandara to become the churning rod and Vasuki, the snake that adorns Lord Shiva’s neck, to become the churning rope. As the ocean was churned, many divine elements were churned out. One of them was Goddess Lakshmi, daughter of the Ocean. It was a new moon day, and she married Lord Vishnu that night when it was the darkest. That is when lamps were lit to chase the darkness away for the wedding of Lord Vishnu with Goddess Lakshmi. That significance is also drawn with the story in Ramayana, when after an exile of 14v years, Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya. Every house that night was lit with earthen lamps as people rejoiced the return of their beloved King. Lord Ram was the was the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Make earthen lamps your family’s choice:

Earthen lamps lighted on Diwali gives it the quintessence of the festival. Moreover, it is an occasion to help others light their homes too. Opt for the simple or the artistic earthen lamps, sold by the potters. They make thousands of lamp of various sizes and shapes, to entice us to buy from them. The electrical lights make the decor look fantastic, but the simplicity of lamps cannot be denied. During Lakshmi puja, it is the earthen lamp which is lit for the Goddess’s blessings.

Make that family trip to the orphanage:

Not all are blessed with a family. Orphaned children in orphanages wait for love and celebrations. This Diwali chose an orphanage and light up a day in those children’s lives. It might not be a big deal for many of us but for those children, to be able to light a lamp of their own, eat sweets gifted with love, fill their hearts with the belief that the world at large is a good place to be. This also becomes a learning for our children to be compassionate and value humanity above all.

Sponsor Education:

Illiteracy is often the culprit that breeds criminals. Textbooks, storybooks and a school education that we provide for our children with, is with the hope in our hearts, that they will grow up to be independent, humble people and with human values. Keeping a child away from these basic rights is indeed a sad state of affairs. If you cannot make the trip to an orphanage, turn towards your own home. You may find that the maid who works at your home or your gardener or your driver, are struggling for their children’s books, uniforms or school fees. Resolve to defeat that evil of illiteracy by sponsoring the education of a child or at least the books or the uniforms for the year.

Make Goddess Lakshmi’s abode in your surrounding:

Pre Diwali cleaning is a yearly ritual that each household follows. We throw away old broken things, clean every nook and corner of the house in the hope that Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings will stay with us forever. It is a belief that Goddess Lakshmi is particular about cleanliness. Maybe that is why it so said that cleanliness is Godliness. Vow to keep your surroundings clean and inspire others to do the same. Making this Diwali special does not demand expenses and huge decorations. Make the occasion special with little gestures towards your family and the society. At home, let the children be a part of the sweets making process. Let them roll the dough made of atta, or maida, or let them roll the roasted sweet besan into laddoos. All it takes is for us is to get a little creative and large-hearted to make this Diwali memorable.

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