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Eaten as a snack in the Northern parts of India, this recipe is a specially made during Diwali in Maharashtra. Savoury and sweet, this light snack lasts for a long time when stored in air tight jar.

Serves : 10 People

Cooking time : 30 Minutes


  • 500 gm Maida
  • 350 gm semolina or Suji
  • 250 gm sugar
  • A tea spoon of salt
  • Powdered Sugar
  • 5 table spoons of warm milk
  • Ghee or Oil as preferred for frying

Method : Making the dough

  • In a mixing bowl pour out the semolina or suji
  • Sieve in the Maida next, with salt
  • Now sieve in the powdered sugar
  • Once the dry ingredients are in, pour in the fat (Ghee or oil)
  • Mix well and make sure that the mixture holds when your press the dough together
  • Now add the warm milk one spoon at a time, to the dry mixture
  • Continue kneading till the you get a tight dough
  • Now roll out the dough into a flat bread
  • With a sharp knife cut across the flat rolled out dough into diamond shape
  • Once this is done, prepare to fry these nuggets
  • In a wok pour in 5 tablespoons of ghee
  • Fry the Shankarpali till golden and puffed
  • Drain the oil or and the ghee from these fried nuggets in a kitchen towel or napkins
  • Once the Shanarpali cools down, these should be stored in a air tight container