Nutritional Value in Home Made Rava Dosa

by Jan 15, 2019blog

What is Rava Dosa?

A south Indian staple dish, Rava Dosa makes for a delicious breakfast item. It is a type of pancake made from a batter that is not fermented, making it healthier without compromising on its taste. Its main ingredients are unroasted fine Rava also known as Semolina flour. According to various renowned nutritionists, Dosa is a great source of complete protein for vegetarians as it comprises of amino acids, beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritionists recommend homemade Rava Dosa.

While people who have diabetes can switch to wheat or rice flour Dosa, the Rava Dosa is a better option for the rest of them. It is low in carbs and calories to maintain proper balance in food nutrients. It is a good option for people who want to shed the extra weight and go on a healthy diet.

Nutritionists suggest that you can add Soya flour or rice flour with Rava to increase the calcium intake. Dosa is a dish that is utensil friendly and can be prepared on a normal pan or any non-stick cookware. These utensils are available in most of the households, making it really simple to prepare this dish.

Nutritional values in a homemade Rava Dosa?

One Rava Dosa consists of 116 calories, it makes for a healthy breakfast with low carb intake. Out of 116 calories, carbohydrates contain 52 calories, protein content amounts to 7 calories and the remaining 57 calories come from fat. On average, one Rava Dosa provides 6 percent of the daily calorie requirement of a standard adult diet of 2000 calories.

Reasons to add Homemade Rava Dosa to your everyday meal:

Can be eaten as lunch, breakfast or dinner: A versatile dish, that is filling and nutritious, this dish maintains the balance between both taste and health. It is eaten with chutney (coconut, tomato, etc.)

Is tasty and healthy: Include Rava Dosa in your meal plan to make up for the loss of tasty food while on a diet. It is a healthy and yummy option, you can add spinach, carrots and various other vegetables to make it healthier.

High in Proteins: Dosa provides a moderate amount of protein to your body which is an essential body nutrient that helps make your bones stronger.

Low in Calories: Dosa is a food item that helps people overcome obesity due to its low-calorie intake. It satisfies your hunger and your taste buds making it an ideal choice for dietary plans.

Provides vitamins: Dosa provides the necessary vitamins that are essential for normal growth, development and functioning of cells. It contains Vitamin C that helps develop blood vessels, scar tissues and cartilage.

Served fresh: Dosa is a salubrious dish that provides the human body with essential nutrients to carry on a normal and healthy day to day life. This dish is prepared fresh and served hot. It is tasty and Nutritious that makes your meal experience enjoyable.

Benefits of the ingredient Rava/ Semolina Flour

Rava is a vegetarian product with 0% cholesterol and sodium, rich in dietary fiber, iron and low in fat. It contains a low glycemic index that makes it ideal for diabetics. The benefits of this ingredient are as follows:

Boosts Energy. Rava, also known as suji helps boost your energy level. It is an ideal choice for people who have an active lifestyle. The nutrients in homemade Rava Dosa keeps your body charged throughout the day which helps you prevent the general sense of laziness felt during afternoons mostly. You can add vegetables to the dish to make it healthier and tastier.

Keeps Bones and Nervous System Healthy. Rava is beneficial for your bone health and nervous system. It increases bone density and keeps them strong. Rava contains phosphorus, zinc and magnesium that helps maintain a healthy nervous system.

Improves Heart Health. Rava contains selenium which helps improve your cardiovascular health. It prevents infections and strengthens the immune system too.

Why homemade Rava Dosa?

Saves Money. When we order or eat at a restaurant, we pay not only for the food but also the taxes that come along with it. It is easier and cheaper to buy ingredients and prepare it at home.

Saves Time. Restaurants and food outlets have a number of customers to attend, which makes it time-consuming to get your food, it is much easier to prepare the dosa at home.

Healthier Ingredients. Homemade Rava Dosa helps prevent the use of preservatives and gives you the liberty to choose what ingredients should be used to prepare the dish. This also helps you avoid food allergies and sensitivities.

Brings Family Together. Homemade Dosa made from Semolina Flour is not only healthier it also gets everyone together to enjoy the first meal of the day.

Start your day with an appetising dosa and keep up the pace to finish all your chores.

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