10 Reasons : Why You Should Include Wheat Chapati in Your Diet

by Aug 31, 2018blog

Wheat atta or wheat flour, is an inevitable ingredient for any kitchen around the world. A healthy choice, wheat is a part of every meal, may it be in the form of bread including Indian chapattis, pasta or noodles. Like every good start, a healthy journey, too starts at home, more specifically, in the kitchen. Hence Indian kitchen’s have always been, filled with whole wheat grains, since ages.  Grounded and pounded in stone mills, wheat grains in themselves are healthy and whole some in many ways.

Here are some  reasons why you should necessarily make whole wheat the star ingredient of the kitchen.

1) Helps Weight Loss

Whole Wheat grains contain the kernel. This adds fibre to the atta, which makes the wheat chapatis more nutritious. The kernel powdered along with the wheat grains also adds to the bulk of the digested food, making expulsion of body waste, easy. This one reason why wheat is often quoted as helpful in weight loss.

2) Helps in Sugar control

We have often heard of whole wheat chapatis being recommended as a staple for diabetic people. Diabetics is a condition which is due to spiked sugar levels in the body. This is countered by whole wheat atta, as this atta contains antioxidants. Whole wheat atta is also useful in lowering cholesterol levels.

3) Helps relief from Asthama and Rheumatic pain

The benefits of whole wheat extends beyond weight loss and its management. The whole wheat atta contains betaine. This is a chemical compound that has anti inflammatory properties. This is vital when it comes to lowering the uneasiness that comes with inflammatory ailments like asthama and rheumatic pain. Wheat is helpful in relieving discomfort for people suffering from such ailments.  

4) Helps in avoiding Gall bladder stone

Gallstones or Gall bladder stone  results from sediments, that enter the body through food and water. These sediments tend to get accumulated in the bladder, when the body is unable to flush out these sediments on their own. At this point in time increasing fibre intake and flushing the body of toxins becomes absolutely important. Whole wheat atta contains enough fibre to help flush out the digested food along with any sediments that may have settled in the stomach, hence negating the chances of gallbladder stones.

5) Helps in steering clear of Postmenopausal cancer

When the body undergoes hormonal changes, a lot is at stake. With context to women, this is especially true, when a woman enters her menopause. Many factors change the physical well-being quotient and being careless is not a choice here. Diet becomes an important part of life and inclusion of whole wheat as a part and parcel of everyday intake becomes inevitable.  Unfortunately, menopause also edges a woman towards postmenopausal cancer. With wholesome Wheat atta providing a part of protein and fibre in the meals, many of post menopausal symptoms subside.

6) Helps in shunning Heart attacks

In today’s stressful lives, heart attacks have become a common medical scar. Believed to be an age related health scar earlier, which comes with weakened heart muscles, this no longer holds true. The age bar has now gone down to as low as early 20s which is a grave situation. Here too, eating right can go a long way in salvaging a part of our lives. Along with regular exercise, Wheat atta chapatis intake is recommended. Whole wheat atta, derived from wheat plants, contain plant lignans termed enterolactone, which has been proven to fight heart ailments. A good amount of intake of whole wheat atta rotis Helps in lowering triglycerides, which eventually  in dodging heart attacks and strokes.

7) Helps in salvaging mental health

It is common knowledge that with age, the body becomes susceptible to a lot of complications. With physical degradation, mental health also diminishes. As a result, depression is often a trait in old age, Alzheimer’s and mood swings infect this phase of life. Additionally lack of appetite adds to health woes as without adequate food intake, the body and mind is deprived of nourishment. Hence eating right becomes the key. Whole wheat in any form contains Iron, folate, vitamins B and E. This  in producing serotonin, that pumps the body with increased energy levels, which stops mental health break down.

8) Helps in combating colon cancer

Of all the health scars, cancer is probably one of the terms we all want to stir clear of. Carcinogens is what cause cancerous cells to proliferate and cause the disease. Research has proven that whole wheat is anti carcinogenic in nature. This comes to the fore in case of colon cancer especially since one of the contributing factors of colon cancer is bile juice secretion. Consumption of whole wheat atta rotis, chapatis or bread are easier to digest. The body needs bile juice and enzymes to break down food. With wheat chapatis, not as much of the same is needed. Lesser secretion of bile juice can help prevent colon cancer.

9) Helps in maintaining supple and clear skin

The largest sense of organ in the body is our skin. Many a times it is also the index of health. Selenium, zinc and vitamin E, together keeps skin clear of problems like acne and tanning easily. Most importantly wheat atta fights skin cancer. Whole wheat contains enough of these nutrients to help keep our skin healthy and supple. Zinc in wheat also serves the dual purpose of promoting good hair.

10) Helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system

When we consume whole wheat, the atta basically has the kernel, the grain and the germ all pounded together. The germ of wheat grain contains, Omega 3 fatty acids. This is essential for a regulated nervous system.

Wheat is a staple ingredient in every kitchen due to its benefits. Nutritious and tasty, unless accompanied by rotis or breads, not many cuisines can be enjoyed.

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