10 Benefits Of Whole Wheat Atta For Skin, Hair, And Health

by Nov 14, 2018blog

Wheat is a tropical grain. A staple in the kitchens, all around the globe, it remains the undisputed primary ingredient used for making any kind of bread. The term “whole”, in the context of wheat flour, is quite common today. Whole wheat atta or flour or whole wheat grains, literally refer to the whole of the grain,  that is used as food. Whole wheat atta, therefore, includes the bran or the husk, germ and the endosperm along with the grain.

This flour is a storehouse of fibre, manganese and magnesium. When wheat grains grounded in a flour mill and made into a flour, whole wheat still retains its health quotient as a wholesome flour.

Wheat atta comes in two forms: Refined and Whole. The tangible distinction in between the two is evident from the colour of the atta or the wheat flour. Refined wheat flour is white in colour and fine in texture.  Whole wheat atta, on the other hand, is always a little brown in its appearance and a little coarse in its texture. When a wheat grain is husked and polished, to be ground into flour, almost 40% of its nutritive value depreciates. Hence, refined wheat atta, made from such polished grains are less in nutritional value.

Consumption of whole wheat atta influences the overall well being of our health, including skin and hair. Here are some of the benefits that we can reap from this readymade atta if it becomes a regular feature in our diet.

Whole wheat atta for Skin, hair and health

1) Whole wheat atta contains selenium, an antioxidant, which is a needed element for the skin to fight against infections and the onset of cancer. It also helps in preventing dryness of the skin while keeping wrinkles at bay. Since a dry scalp, leads to dandruff, selenium has proven beneficial for the health of our hair too. It prevents the scalp from drying and hence negates the chances of dandruff formation. Additionally, selenium has the ability to convert to selenoproteins, which in turn, promotes new hair growth and stops hair loss.

Whole wheat flour affects our health in the most positive way. It starts with the fact that due to a high fibre content, whole wheat atta contributes its share in cleansing the system. Moreover, selenium has the ability to fight free radicals in the body due to its antioxidant properties.

2) Whole wheat atta is rich in fibre. This aspect of the flour has multi-dimensional benefits. For one, the fibre in the whole wheat atta aids the body in cleaning off the toxins from the internal organs. A clean system is a stepping stone towards the overall health of the body, including skin and hair.  

A clean internal system also prevents skin outbreaks like pimples and acne. One of the leading causes of bad skin and hair fall is a faulty liver. Tasked with secreting bile juice into the system and detoxifying the chemicals that enter our bodies, via food or as medicines, the liver has major functions to perform. A healthy liver will expel these toxins and chemicals, immediately. Hence, the fibre from the whole wheat atta, gives the liver, an impetus to work, more effectively.

3) Whole wheat atta is a Zinc rich flour. A vital mineral for the skin, the Zinc in the flour has healing properties. This property of the mineral is used by the skin, for its health. Another contribution of Zinc is towards the regulation of oil glands in the body. Excessive oil secretion leads to outbreaks, like acne, on the skin. Hence a healthy dosage of Zinc from whole wheat atta and other food sources, help the skin to stay blemish free.  

Zinc has its benefits for the hair too. In fact, Zinc deficiency causes hair loss. Intake of Zinc rich food, along with whole wheat atta,  results in lustrous hair. The importance of Zinc for hair growth is best demonstrated by Male pattern baldness, a condition that affects men. This kind of balding disorder makes men bald from the forehead till the crown of the head. This is due to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an androgen, a reproductive hormone in men.  Zinc blocks the formation of DHT, hence effectively putting a stop to hair loss. Over and above the mentioned benefits, Zinc also boosts the immunity level of the body.

4) Whole wheat contains magnesium, a mineral that helps hundreds of internal body functions. It is used by the body for major functions like bone growth and strength, check on blood sugar level, muscle health, energy for the basic energy unit in the body, without which, we would not be able to even move, etc.  

As far as our skin is concerned, magnesium is capable of fighting many skin disorders, while restoring the body’s hormonal imbalance. Since magnesium also promotes a good sleep and blocks off anxiety and stress, it is apt at fighting two of the most prominent reasons for acne: stress and disturbed sleep. Along with our body and the skin, hair also reaps the benefits of magnesium. Another benefit of Magnesium, provided by whole wheat atta is its ability to absorb calcium. This will consequently prevent hair follicle clogging by calcium, which would have otherwise led to hair loss.

5) Whole Wheat Atta is a good source of Vitamin B. The family of Vitamin B comprises of 8 classes of vitamins. Of these, Vitamin B complex is the most known. However, since it is water-soluble by nature, our body cannot retain or store this vitamin. Hence we must include Vitamin B complex rich food in our daily diet.


Whole wheat atta is a nutrition fulfiller. With its store of nutrients, this flour is a rich source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Whole wheat atta has gained its popularity today with the urban population realizing the downside of their hectic lives. With an urgent need to get their overall health on track, people are now pushing their limits to get at least their food habits on-line with whole wheat flour. It is perhaps, the right way too, to start eating healthy with kitchen staples like wheat flour.

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